Revolutionising real estate investments in India.

A Leading Real Estate Advisory Firm in Gurgaon

Our aim is to generate stable and growing distributions for our investors while protecting them against downside risk. In our investment vehicles, we seek to generate superior returns by leveraging our operating expertise and focusing on our core real estate capabilities—leasing, financing, design and property and facilities management.

Real Estate Family Office

We focus on being a one stop solution for end to end management of all the real estate investments and assets of UHNI’s and NRI’s.

With the real estate value appreciation driving towards an all time high, there has never been a more opportune moment than now to invest in real estate in India.
With our well researched on-ground insights generated by a dedicated team of experts , we exclusively offer a spectrum of services comprising of :

Valuation and Due Diligence

Selection and Search of Properties


Property & Tenancy Management

Legal and Tax Assistance

Structuring Transactions

Asset Management

Over the years, we have successfully invested across all market cycles and risk spectrums, and in 2021, are currently managing more than one lakh square feet of assets for our clients across the country.

From acquisition to disposal, we stay with you every step of the way, executing services along the lines of the following :


Tenancy Management

Our responsibility here includes things like tenant relations, forecasting, contract services and lease compliance, along with accounts payable and receivable as well as monthly tenant bill backs.


Property Management

A detailed maintenance schedule to perform periodic property, lighting and HVAC inspections, along with other investments in upgrades, ensure that the property’s infrastructure remains in good condition.


Furnishings and Fit-Outs

Our spectrum of services involves everything from consulting on interior design to actually furnishing and getting fit-outs done to convert any bareshell space into a desirable office.

Corporate Leasing

According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, there are 6.3 crore MSME’s in India. The increase in the number of registered enterprises directly correlates to an increase in demand for corporate office space.

As of 2022, we have successfully handled and leased 13 lakh sq. ft of corporate space for clients across a plethora of sectors, leveraging our operational expertise in:



Our excellent advisory and transactional abilities in commercial real estate are backed by strategic insider information and practical knowledge, making us the go to person for any organisation looking for office space.


Legal and accounting assistance

With a dedicated in-house legal and accounts team, we take care of all the due diligence needed in the contractual paperwork, and also assist you in the financial know-how involved in complex transactions.


Office Design

We are equipped with a dedicated interior designing team that works tirelessly to convert any space into a dream office that every tenant wants.

Project Management

We infuse projects with capital to add value, then with effective management and a fully integrated services portfolio ranging from valuation and marketing to stakeholder engagement, we deliver a fantastic product to the end user.

With a dedicated team of researchers and on-ground specialists, we go through the complicated tasks of consolidation, negotiation and primary due diligence before taking over a project and imparting it a new state of quality.

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Identifying Last Mile Projects

adding capital

Infusing capital to add value

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Marketing and Sales

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