Integrity is
our Language

Guided by values.


With approximately 400 crores in funds under advice and 1 lakh sq ft of assets under management, we focus on investing in real estate with a disciplined methodology. We put our own capital to work alongside our clients in almost every transaction, aligning interests and bringing the strengths of our operational expertise, on ground insights and large scale capital to bear on everything we do.

At Realsta we firmly believe that strong relationships and inspired collaborations are the pillars of driving progress. This is why our way of working aligns with our values of transparency, trust and integrity.

~4000 crores worth

transactions done so far

~240 crores worth

Assets under advice


Our company’s philosophy is built on three overarching principles.


“We are driven.”

We believe in getting things done and letting the results speak for themselves. At the top of the game in our industry, we are ambitious and competitive go-getters looking forward to getting ahead without compromising our core values and ethics.


“How you get there, matters.” 

In an industry where corrupt practices and unethical sales are an everyday occurrence, we have succeeded in building a transparent and reliable real estate environment for our clients.


“Controlled aggression in the right direction”.

We employ a disciplined investment approach to create value and deliver strong risk- adjusted returns for our clients, putting our own capital to work alongside our clients in almost every transaction. We are always on our toes conducting extensive market research to be able to take logical data driven decisions. 

Leader with a Vision

Dishant Malik


In a fast moving and complex global economy, our success depends on how faithfully we adhere to our core principles and values. 

An entrepreneur, investor and consultant, Dishant has been running a highly successful real estate firm for 10+ years. His extensive knowledge in various fortes like corporate leasing, asset and wealth management, investment management and commercial real estate funding has made him the go-to person for everyone looking to profit from their assets.
About Realsta, he shares “ I am proud to see the growth that Realsta has accomplished since 2012. We are now one of the most successful and recognized brands in our niche in the real estate industry, with an elite team of skilled professionals and operators. I am looking forward to scaling up and creating as much value as I can in the coming years.”

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