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Property Assessment and
Advisory Solutions

Gain accurate insights into your property's value through the expertise of our specialized team, proficient in valuations, appraisals, and advisory services.

Knowing The True Value of Your Property

Realizing the value of your property is of complete importance in the real estate market. In the ever-evolving market of today, gaining access to up-to-date, comprehensive data and partnering with skilled professionals who excel in deriving insights from analytics is crucial. We empower you to unveil the authentic value of your property, providing trustworthy real estate insights delivered by some of the most renowned professionals in the industry

Complete Due Diligence Services

Property Valuation & Appraisal

With experts spanning various property types and geographic regions, we offer a comprehensive suite of appraisal services. Our dedicated national teams specialize in providing tailored valuation solutions.

1. Property and Portfolio Appraisals

2. Market and Feasibility Studies

3. Evaluations (Alternative Valuations)

4. Financial and Tax Reporting

5. Litigation Support and Testimony

6. Right-of-Way and Eminent Domain

7. Institutional Fund Valuations

Evaluation & Advisory

Our team of national engineers, architects, and environmental scientists delivers specialized assessments to support well-informed investment decisions.

Property Health Assessments

Discover the condition of your property with our thorough assessments covering:

1.Property Condition Assessments

2. Environmental Site Assessments

3. Zoning Compliance

4. Seismic Risk Analysis

5. Radon, Asbestos, and Indoor Air Quality Screenings

Financial Markets

Unlocking value, driving returns, and enhancing outcomes are at the core of our commitment to every dimension of your real estate investments. Gain proactive insights and strategic prowess that propel your success.

Properties for Sale

Investment Properties: Pioneering Excellence

As the leader in acquiring and divesting income-producing properties, we leverage deep market intelligence, transaction expertise, and trusted relationships. Our seamless execution anticipates trends, commands capital, and maximizes returns, setting industry benchmarks.

Debt & Structured Finance: Innovating Capital Solutions

Explore a realm of innovative options for all your capital requirements. Leveraging extensive transaction insights, robust lender relationships, and proprietary technology, we redefine the landscape of debt and structured finance to suit your unique needs.

Strategic Brilliance in Investment Banking

Set on a route of strategic brilliance with our comprehensive investment banking services. From M&A advisory to equity placement and secondary LP trading, we provide extensive knowledge, investor access, and strategic advice, ensuring your success across the investment banking spectrum.

Understanding How Construction Loans Operate.

Learn how construction loans operate with this simple guide, covering key details for financing your build.

 Understanding How Construction Loans Operate.

How to Finance a Second Home

Simple ways to finance a second home, from mortgages to savings, for a smooth buying process.

 How to Finance a Second Home
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