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Guided by Values, Our Language
Is Integrity.


With a substantial portfolio of approximately 400 crores in funds under advice and an impressive 1 lakh sq ft of assets under management, our unwavering focus lies in the art of disciplined real estate investment. What sets us apart is our commitment to actively invest our own capital alongside our esteemed clients in nearly every transaction, thus aligning our interests and leveraging our operational expertise, on-ground insights, and substantial capital resources to enhance every endeavor.


Our company’s philosophy is built on three overarching principles.

Mission Statement

At Realsta, we are on a relentless mission to redefine excellence in the real estate industry. With an unwavering commitment to competitiveness, integrity, and discipline, our goal is to consistently deliver outstanding results for our esteemed clients. By fostering a transparent and dependable real estate environment, we strive to provide unparalleled service and value through data-driven decisions.

Vision Statement

Realsta envisions a future where we stand as unrivaled leaders in the real estate sector. Our vision is to become the ultimate destination for individuals seeking sound investment opportunities and a trusted partner on their real estate journeys. We aspire to set new industry benchmarks while remaining steadfast in our dedication to transparency and client satisfaction.


The Realsta philosophy is anchored in the principles of competitiveness, integrity, and discipline. Our path to excellence is paved with results that prioritize our clients' best interests. With a meticulous investment approach rooted in extensive market research and data-driven decision-making, we are committed to creating value and delivering robust, risk-adjusted returns.

Core Values

Competitiveness:  At Realsta, we're more than driven – we're the architects of our success. The results speak for us. As industry leaders, we're ambitious go-getters who advance while holding true to our values.
Integrity:   In an industry filled with corruption, we've forged a different path. Realsta stands as a beacon of trust and transparency. Our unwavering integrity defines us.
Discipline:  Realsta's approach is disciplined yet aggressive in the right direction. We invest our capital and expertise with our clients, aiming for value and strong returns. Extensive market research guides our data-driven decisions.

Leader with a Vision

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