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Holistic Workplace Solutions

Cultivate resilience, attract and retain top talent, and foster connection and collaboration within your workplace. Our workplace solutions are designed to create environments that inspire and nurture success.


Transform your workplace with services centered around user-focused design, delivery, and management. Drive business strategies, ignite human potential, and enhance employee engagement.

Drawing from our extensive expertise in Workplace Strategy, Experience Consulting, Change Management, and Occupancy Management, we partner with clients to identify opportunities for cost reduction or reallocation, enhance resource management, boost employee engagement, and expedite decision-making processes.

Our Offerings:

1. Future of Work Curation: Employ a comprehensive discovery process to shape your Future of Work philosophy and guidelines, tailored to evolving business landscapes and needs.

2. Utilization Mapping: Conduct thorough data gathering with quantitative analysis to understand current workplace utilization and uncover related opportunities, covering workstations, meeting rooms, and collaboration spaces.

3. Workplace Strategy: Develop workplace strategies aligned with evolving business requirements and external dynamics. Facilitate informed, data-driven decisions regarding real estate investments to meet business objectives, enhance employee effectiveness, and fortify brand presence.

4. Design Guidance: Translate vision and strategy into physical space by providing guidance to architects, including floor plan reviews and furniture selection.

5. Change Management: Foster a participative ecosystem led by leaders and champions to ensure a seamless transition to new workplace practices.

6. Experience Consulting: Elevate everyday experiences by curating interactions with people, processes, technology, services, and events. Enhance various elements such as parking, food services, meeting room bookings, and wayfinding through journey mapping and experience enhancement.

7. Occupancy & Space Planning: Manage workplace supply and demand dynamics through data analysis and engagement with stakeholders, ensuring effective strategy implementation. Utilize space, cost, and workstyle intelligence to optimize workplace utilization while preserving user experience quality.

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